Interview Presentation: Presidential Election


Interview Presentation: Presidential Elections


Preston (9), Ty (14), & Ben (43)

Ask yourself this.

Why I picked the people I did

I wanted to get the perspective of different age groups and see what they think about the presidential elections. I wanted to be able to compare and contrast what they think about the debate so far. Having different generations answers will tell us what our futures may look like and what they think their futures may look like.

Do you watch the presidential debates? What do you think of the presidential election so far?

Preston: No- doesn’t’t know doesn’t’t like it

Ty: Doesn’t watch the debates.

Ben: Yes- it’s a disater on both side they both look like fools.

What do you want and not want in a president?

what issues are important to you and why?

what age do you think the president should be?

who would you vote for? why?

what do you think the first thing the president should do?

what message would you give to people in your school/work about the election?

in school/work, who do most people want to be president? why do you think they want this person?

what do you think about Donald Trump? what have you heard about him?

what do you think about Hilary Clinton? What have you heard about her?

what do you think about Bernie sanders? what have you heard about him?

What do you think would make America great again?

What I think or learned.

I did learn about the different perspectives that each person had, Preston’s views came from either family, school, or friends. Some of ty’s views came from family, school, and friends, but some are also his own thoughts and feelings towards the candidates. Ben’s views were affected by the type of work he does and by who he is surrounded by.

  • I do not like either candidates. I did however like Bernie. In the election I am supporting Jill stein she is the green party’s nominee. She is a activist for many things such as women’s rights, education, and global warming.