Funding for Life and Purpose

Dear Reader,

My life has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, but one thing that has always been consistent(even when I had to miss some); my education. I was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was just six months old. Many people believe that arthritis only affects the joints, but the reality is, it affects your whole world.

My arthritis has not only affected my joints, but also my organs, and mentality of life. When I was ten I was two weeks away from having a stem cell transplant when my life was turned upside down. I had developed sepsis. I ended up being a coma for two months and rehabilitation for another two. Sepsis caused my toes and left fingertips to be necrotic, making them turn blue and fall off, all in a span of a year. While I was in a coma the doctors ended up doing an exploratory surgery on my abdomen to see if they could find the cause of sepsis. An early removal of staples caused my abdomen to reopen and become infected. I ended up having a wound VAC on for a year to close the wound. During the span of 1-3 years of recuperating I went to school trying my hardest to be at school as much as possible.

I promised myself that no matter what I would finish school trying my hardest. I believed, no matter what it took I was determined to earn a degree, whether that would be a meteorologist, doctor, child life specialist, or a photographer.  I had a dream and I was going to make it a reality! Middle school was a very hard time for me socially and mentally. I pushed through it with all my might, I just kept saying only 7, 6, and 5 more years till I’ll be a senior. I went to school even while I was healing from a total hip replacement. I was on so much pain medicine that I was driving into walls, and a full day at school became unsafe. So, again I was stuck at home when all I wanted was to be at school learning.

In high school, I once again had to conquer complications from my arthritis and my weaker immune system. My freshman year I had eight ear infections. I kept being put on antibiotics, oral than IV. I was going to school with a needle and a tube stuck out of my chest, but I was still determined. In the spring of that year I had a mastoidectomy. When the surgeons went to take it out they found that the infection had ate through my skull and I had cerebral spinal fluid leaking out of my ears. This put me on bed rest for two weeks where i had to lay flat. Though I persevered my way through high school, I still ended up missing a half of the school year. Even though I had As and Bs a couple Cs that year I was failed in two of my classes. I eventually made those classes up in summer school. I still feel as though, it was unjust to give me those since I was not given the same opportunities to keep up my grade. The rest of my high school career I knew I had to work extra hard. By the time I graduated in 2016 I had earned a 2.9 GPA and a spotlight student. I finally did it! Despite all the obstacles, I was able to get into my number one school; Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin.

At Edgewood I met many new people but felt secluded. I was even discriminated against by a teacher and not given the same opportunity of other students which affected my grade. I was five hours away from home. Every week my mom had to drive back and forth, sometimes in 24-hours for me to be able to get my 6 hour treatments for my arthritis or to spend one on one time helping and caretaking. The campus was really hard for me to get around on.

In the spring my family experienced a tremendous loss of my grandfather, as he was my step father’s employer his death was felt in multiple dimensions.  Even though I had successfully earned a 3.2 GPA, all the harder life situations had me thinking, my family needed me closer and I was ready for an different college experience. I had came to the conclusion that I would like to transfer to the University of Minnesota-Twin cities for my Sophomore year of College.

Than of course, life throws another challenge for me. Money. At the end of June we found out I could not apply to the University of Minnesota-Twin cities because of a financial mistake early in the year by my school, I now owed over $5,500 to Edgewood. I can not work, my mom earns a unlivable wage as my PCA, and due to the major death in the family we were already not financially well. I decided I would take off the fall of 2017 so we could figure out what to do.

Another bend in the river, in the fall I found out I needed an ankle fusion in January and the another after that is healed. Still unable to pull together the cash I need to get my transcripts released and with the fusion, I now had to take off the spring of 2018. With a plan, my specialists and I have figured out how to get me better off physically to start at the U of M in the fall. I am excited to have a new chance to experience college with more physical ability or at least less pain. I have risen to the challenge over and over. I have proved with ultimate strength and courage that I am able to meet my goals with complete and utter determination.

I am asking for help. I still need to find the money to pay back Edgewood, so I can apply for the University of Minnesota-Twin cities and pursue my education in Graphic Design. I am asking for your financial support in helping myself to realize a very possible dream and goal, earning my degree in Graphic Design. With your support I can give back to our communities in one of the most beautiful ways, capturing life moments in my personal perspective of photo artistry. My ambition is to support many organizations who give back to others, such as the Arthritis Foundation, and in doing so live the life I have been fighting for all along, a life of purpose. PLEASE DONATE. THE DEADLINE DUE DATE FOR THE APPLICATION IS JUNE 1ST.


Arrian Madden an aspiring Graphic Designer.img_0675


Standing Up to Bullies

29070-Robert-Frost-Quote-Never-be-bullied-into-silence-Never-allowMany people are bullied throughout their life, frequently people do not stand up for themselves. Morality can often depict people’s personality. Though people may be strong, but if they do not stand up for themselves, other often think that they are weak. Robert Frost once said, “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” I did the exact opposite I allowed myself to be bullied into silence.

Throughout my school career, I was in and out of the hospitals, which made it hard for me to make friends. The reason I was in and out of the hospital is because at six months, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Arthritis has given me a roller coaster of medications, treatments, surgeries, infections, as well as hospitalizations. My family has always been there for me no matter what. Even when I was in a coma for two months and another two months for rehabilitation they were there every day. Once I was able to be at school again, people started to bully me. I have always been strong as well as fought through things in personal health issues and family aspects. When this happened to me, it was people I thought were my friends, I could not stand up for myself. Something I believe one should be able to do is love them self, which is a lifelong challenge in itself. I could not do that personally, and I could call myself a hypocrite.  I feel that my decision to not stand up for myself was immoral. Instead of sticking up for myself, I told only my mom, which was fine until she went and fought my battles for me.

It was around lunch time, in fifth grade, when people started bullying me. I was at home, recovering from a hip surgery, meanwhile I received text messages. At first, I left them alone. I was severely tired from all the pain. However, my phone kept buzzing, and I decided to see what was going on. On the screen, there were multiple messages from two or three of my classmates. The first couple of texts were talking about my looks, and the next few were about my personality. I now know that I am not that person who they were talking about, although as a fifth grader, I did not know that.

My mom could tell something was wrong just by looking at me and talking to me, and so she took my phone away from me. After I told her, she went to the school. The school took away their phones and called their parents to pick them up at the office. Over the course of the weekend it continued, the school then said they were not able to do anything because it was not their property. After hearing that, she posted on her Facebook wall that I was being bullied, and the school did not do anything about it. Somebody who had connections to a news channel contacted the news network, and there was a report done about this incident. The report did not help with the incident at school, however there was a lot of individuals across Minnesota who reached out to me in support and shared with me their stories of being bullied as well. When I went back to school after the program aired, I continued to be bullied even more. My past friends called me a “tattle tale,” a wimp, and that I should not be at school. I chose to ignore them.

That summer (after the incident), I was playing at a park with my three younger brothers, and some boys from school were there. As my brothers and I continued to play, we were harassed by a group of five to ten boys. They taunted me and once again called me a “tattle tail,” “wimp,” and to “run back to mommy.” I felt that my brothers did not need to be around that behavior. I wanted them to be respectful to everybody no matter how old they were, so we left.

When school started back up, one of the boys who bullied me had moved to a different state. He sent me a message saying, how sorry he was for all that he had done. As time went on, I forgave him. Throughout middle school, I was bullied, further, but not as severely as before. Again, I did not tell anyone what was wrong, or stand up to the bullies. My first two years of high school, I was ignored; which is worse than being bullied in itself. In classes, I would end up having to do group projects alone. I would go down to nurse’s office to eat lunch, or I would end up sitting at a table by myself. Even though, I did not have many friends in my high school, I had many outside of school. They would help to keep my spirits up, nevertheless many of them lived hours away.

I feel, not standing up for myself was immoral. Moral codes often keep us grounded. When one of our own morals is broken, everything else just unravels with it. Morality means, living by your standards of what is acceptable. It does not have to be exceptionally right or good, it just should be the standard. The standard of the golden rule should be upheld by ourselves. I think we should treat ourselves as we would want others to treat us. If we do not stand up for our self, then society will take advantage of that, and will kick us down when we are not strong. When we look into the mirror we will be disappointed in our self, that we did not stand up to the bullies. To be moral, I imagine, we need to be kind to ourselves, others, and the environment. individuals need to have empathy for others and contribute to society. If a person lives by their standard of love, respect, and compassion, for themselves, others, and the environment, they are moral.

From the experience of being bullied, I learned that it is best to fight your own battles. To this day, I still have low self-esteem and anxiety. If you do not fight your own battles, in my own opinion, it will cause pain to our loved ones and to others who are bullied, both now and in the future. By standing up and putting myself out there, I and others will gain a lot respect, which will help us gain confidence. I feel, if I would have stood up for myself, maybe less people would have been hurt, including myself. My voice could have been a voice for the survivors of bullying. I could have been the voice of encouragement instead my voice stayed silent and it was hard for me to ever learn how to stand up for myself. My mom was specifically more affected then I knew at the time. She saw the pain I was going through, even though many others did not. When she saw I was in pain, she would ask me what was wrong; I was persistent in not showing my emotions and held it all in, which resulted in me fighting with her. My mom and I have always been best friends, with the exception of this period, our relationship ended up getting bruised, either by stuff I said or did or vice versa. I started laying the bricks of the wall that surrounds me starting with not using my voice with the first bullying experience, and I have continued building my wall ever since. If I would have stood up to those children right when the bullying started, maybe I could have become an even better person, a stronger person, than I am today I could have shown others and my brothers, it is okay to fight back for yourself and what you believe in, not only is it okay; it is essential.

Being bullied made me learn to stick up for myself and for other people especially, when I am or they are being bullied. As cliché as it might sound, never judge a book by its cover; we never know what a person may being going through. I always put on a happy face and pretend everything is okay. I am learning that only causes more harm the good. When I pretend to be happy and I am not, I lash out at the people I loved. Being bullied affected me in a lot of ways. Once one of my morals was broken, I slowly started unraveling. If I would have stood up for myself, I would have been a stronger person than I am today. I suppose, I broke my own moral code by not letting the public know what was wrong, having my mother do it for me, and not using my voice. I made myself and others unhappy by not standing up for myself sooner, maybe this paper is the beginning of a new journey, using my voice.

Long time…No talk

Im am sorry i haven’t posted in a long time. I have been very busy.

First, I did it. I graduated from high school with a G.P.A. of 3.2 which I never thought was capable. with how much school i missed from medical absences. I aced all my last senior classes. which most cannot say they did. I am proud to say i got a 3.2 because against all odds i did it. i defeated everyone that said i couldn’t. i succeed for everyone that stood by my side and said i could. even though a 3.2 may not be as good as a 3.5 or above it is still an honor. I worked harder than anyone else did to get that GPA with all odds against me.

Secondly, we celebrated. We had a graduation party. I invited people I went to school with, teachers, staff, friends from camp, family friends, and family. To be honest the people that came were the people who were most supportive of me. Whether it be harsher or softer than others, they still told me I was stronger than everyone believed and that i could  do it. I had teachers there who saw me at my worst and at my best. all of them were so proud of me. I had friends there who supported me through it all even through our fights. lastly my family, who never told me i could not do something. Everyone that came was so proud and supportive of me. I just wanted to say thank you.

Third, I celebrated with my parents. this summer i went on a cruise with my parents to the Bahamas. It was my graduation present. it was a long waited vacation away from home and the boys. We boarded the ship at Port Canaveral in Florida. the ship was much bigger than we thought, It was like a floating mall. I was so sore and my ankles were so swollen by the end of the first day, that we had to get a wheelchair. I only used it when we got off the ship. The first day we went to Freeport Bahamas. We didn’t have anything planned, so we decided to rent a car and go driving. we were supposed to go to nature center, but the guy who rented us the car gave us wrong directions, so we got lost. We were able to see the poor side of Freeport, where their houses were falling apart, and some were even living in boxes. We ended up finding the nature center, but it was $10 or $20. instead of doing that we went to an offshore beach. nobody was there besides us. it was so nice. The stop was Nassau. There we did a seaward explorer which is like a semi-submarine. We were able to see fish below the surface. We also walked around on the island. we went to Pirates Pub and Grill there I had my first alcoholic drink. Don’t worry it was legal. The next day was a day at sea. we just hung out  and and went to a few shows on the ship. To say the least it was a nice vacation with my parents.

Fourth, I was able to be camp M.A.S.H. (Make Arthritis Stop Hurting) volunteer photographer. In my past years as a camper I took pictures not just for me, but for my friends. The year I graduated from camp I took nearly 2,000 pictures. I very suddenly became the camp photographer. everyone would tell me I had to come back as a volunteer, but not as a counselor, but as the photographer. So this year I did. I ended up taking about the same amount of photos that i have in the past. Everyday the intern and I would upload some of the photos to the blog so parents saw what the kids were doing everyday. Everyday I would get comments about how awesome the pictures were. My goal was to capture everybody’s happiness and capabilities. I believe I accomplished that. I am also so happy that grew closer to the people I had already grown to love from the past. I also grown to love new people and hope to build our friendship as years go on.  I am so happy that was able to do exactly what they were looking for. I can’t wait till next year.

Lastly, I moved. Yes I moved 5 hours away to my dream college. After taking up our suburban and an enclosed trailer we started to head to madison a 5 hour long trip with 2 boys. It was nuts.  Edgewood College is in madison Wisconsin. It is private liberal art school. It also had my major Child Life. I am doing really good here with having a 3.3 GPA for my midterms. The class sizes here are really small the biggest class is of 30 people for psychology, but the professors are able to really get to know their students. My professors know me and  know what I need. Next week I’ll be registering for my second semester courses. I will be taking photography history (on the way to a photography minor), statistics, ENG. 110, a religion class, and choir. I also am very excited to announce that I am on the committee for Camp MASH. I will also be taking pictures for Madison, WI Jingle Bell Run for arthritis. I will be taking picture of families with Santa this day(which happens to be my birthday.) I would appreciate it if anybody can donate of join us on the run to cure Arthritis.

Thank you so much sorry i haven’t posted in a while. I have posted a few papers on here to so you can see what i have been doing. Feel free to remind me to update more.


Community Engagement

I am very engaged in my community at home. I was and currently am involved in choir, arthritis foundation, Gillette and University of Minnesota hospital and make-a-wish. Being sick most of my life I have experienced many things in my short life so far.  Moving five hours away and being a freshman I had no Idea of what to except, honestly I was a little fearful of completing this assignment. I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual. I have meditated and done yoga, but I never thought about how I felt. I decided to choose my community engagement on finding my own space. I decided to start meditating and doing yoga on a regular basis.

It was hard choosing what to pick for my community engagement, because I was fearful of going out by myself. It is hard for me to get around just because it hurts. I decided I wanted to stay on campus and find myself. Having been sick, I have found or learned many ways of coping with my illness. It is very hard to get any exercise because of my pain. For my community engagement I wanted to find a safer way of getting exercise while being peaceful.

The first night I started my routine of night yoga then meditating, I felt peaceful with myself. Then I continued, after the first couple of nights I was getting a full night rest. Having stretched my body out, I was able to relax throughout the night and not be tensed. Meditating helped me see what I needed to do and not be stressed or anxious, I was able to stay present. With having so much going on right now with school, moving, health, and family situations, its been nice just being able to stop, take a break, take a deep breath, and think “what do I need this moment.” Doing this regularly has helped me a lot to help me be relaxed, be in the moment and focus on myself.


Snow White and Snow, Glass, Apples

Little girls often learn what qualities a female needs and what their roles are. Movies, television, social media, and literature often show girls that they often need ideal beauty for them to be loved. Some short stories that have a theme of ideal beauty are The Brothers Grimm’s “Little Snow White” and Neil Gailman’s “Snow, Glass, Apples.”

In “Little Snow White” by The Brothers Grimm, Snow-White’s name came from her beauty: “white as snow, and as red as blood, her hair was as black as ebony” (Grimm). From the beginning of the story, people can see attractiveness is the representation of female roles. As Snow-White grew, she became more beautiful. The Queen, her step-mother, relied on a magic mirror telling her she is the fairest. She becomes incredibly jealous of Snow-White’s beauty because she is the fairest in all the land. Her jealousy took over, wanting to kill Snow-White. The queen tried killing Snow-White because of beauty several times. Yet, none were successful. When Snow-White escaped the first time, she came upon the Seven Dwarfs’ house; they offered her to stay, only if she cleaned the house and cooked. After multiple attempts on her life, the dwarfs would always warn her not to open the door. Snow-White is portrayed to been less intelligent because she did what she was told not to do. In the end, the queen had killed Snow-White with the poison apple. The dwarfs put Snow-White in a glass coffin in order to still see her beauty. When the prince’s servants stumbled upon a stump, the shock from the fall had had made the poisonous piece of the apple come out, and Snow-White woke up. When she woke, the prince said, “I love you more than everything in the world; come with me to my father’s palace, you shall be my wife” (Grimm). Instead of just asking Snow-White, he made it perhaps an order. The prince had not gotten to know her, he only wanted her for her beauty. When they got married, the queen had went and was forced to dance with iron slippers until she dropped dead. This ending had put Snow-White in power, whether by accident or not.

Neil Gailman’s “Snow, Glass, Apples” is not like the original Snow-White people all know of; this Snow-White is a creature much like a vampire. In this story, the queen is the narrator. When the queen first meets Snow-White, she is five years old. One night when Snow-White went into the queen’s room, she was described with “…eyes…black as coal, black as her hair; her lips were redder than blood… her teeth seemed sharp…” (Gailman). This described Snow-White to be a creature. Instead of being pushed out of the palace by the queen’s jealousy, she is a creature who killed her father and was then sent away. In this story, the queen is not the wicked one. She loves and is devoted to the king. Several times throughout the beginning, the queen was called to the king’s room to make love to him; her being called for that one action is minimizing her as a woman because all he wanted her for was for sexual relationships. It is obvious that she loves and is devoted to him, but the readers cannot tell if his feelings are mutual. The prince charming in this story is not a so called “knight in shining armor,” he is a lady’s man who has intercourse with others besides Snow-White. When Snow-White and the prince marry, the queen was shoved into a kiln to be killed, when she had done nothing wrong besides keeping Snow’s heart in order to protect her king and people. When she was dying, she saw her own reflection in Snow-White’s eye; “I will not scream. I will not give them that satisfaction. They will have my body, but my soul and story are my own, and will die with me… I shall think instead of the snowflake on her cheek” (Gailman). The queen stated she was a good person who only wanted to protect the king and her people. When she died, they had her body, but as she said, they do not have her soul or story. Only individuals can tell their own stories, and nobody else.

Edgewood respects individual thoughts and ideas, and because of this they have the three COR questions: Who am I and who could I become? What are the needs and opportunities of the world? What is the role in building a just and compassionate world? In the “Little Snow-White,” snow-white gets kicked out of the palace because she was so beautiful. When she found the seven dwarfs, she became their mother. By the end, Snow-White had not learned much besides how to take care of herself and others. When she married, she was only twelve which portrays her as someone who is young, naive, uneducated, yet compassionate to the dwarfs. Yet, in “Snow, Glass, Apples,” the snow-white is a vicious creature throughout the story. In this story, readers can see the Queen growing more than Snow. At first, she was just a devoted wife who wanted to protect her husband, but as she grew, people can see that the devotion grew much more.

In “Little Snow-White,” every character in this story wanted beauty. Snow-White’s mother wanted her daughter to be beautiful and she got her wish. Snow-White is beautiful; that is what helps her gets away with many things, such as being killed by the huntsman, staying at the dwarf’s cottage, and finding the prince. Throughout the story, the Queen was immensely jealous of Snow-white’s beauty. In “Snow, Glass, Apples,” Snow-White was selfish. She had an evil mindset and all she wanted, no matter how many people she may have hurt or even killed, was her heart.

In “Little Snow-White,” one could say that Snow’s actions are unintelligent. After having escaped to the dwarf’s cottage, on countless occasions, she was told not to open the door for anyone, yet she does. The Queens actions are out of jealousy. She kept trying to kill Snow-White so she could be the prettiest in the all the land. In “Snow, Glass, Apples,” Snow-White’s actions are very harmful. She will not let anyone get in her way. Even though she was harmful to others, she was beautiful. That does not excuse her actions even though it might for some. The Queen’s actions are selfless. All she wants is to protect herself and her land.

The roles that these stories play in American society can be influential. They demonstrate that beauty can get you through anything. “Little Snow-White” and “Snow, Glass, Apples” are classic examples of how beauty is portrayed as an influential part of a woman, but what really should count is one’s personality and how they act towards others.

Interview Presentation: Presidential Election


Interview Presentation: Presidential Elections


Preston (9), Ty (14), & Ben (43)

Ask yourself this.

Why I picked the people I did

I wanted to get the perspective of different age groups and see what they think about the presidential elections. I wanted to be able to compare and contrast what they think about the debate so far. Having different generations answers will tell us what our futures may look like and what they think their futures may look like.

Do you watch the presidential debates? What do you think of the presidential election so far?

Preston: No- doesn’t’t know doesn’t’t like it

Ty: Doesn’t watch the debates.

Ben: Yes- it’s a disater on both side they both look like fools.

What do you want and not want in a president?

what issues are important to you and why?

what age do you think the president should be?

who would you vote for? why?

what do you think the first thing the president should do?

what message would you give to people in your school/work about the election?

in school/work, who do most people want to be president? why do you think they want this person?

what do you think about Donald Trump? what have you heard about him?

what do you think about Hilary Clinton? What have you heard about her?

what do you think about Bernie sanders? what have you heard about him?

What do you think would make America great again?

What I think or learned.

I did learn about the different perspectives that each person had, Preston’s views came from either family, school, or friends. Some of ty’s views came from family, school, and friends, but some are also his own thoughts and feelings towards the candidates. Ben’s views were affected by the type of work he does and by who he is surrounded by.

  • I do not like either candidates. I did however like Bernie. In the election I am supporting Jill stein she is the green party’s nominee. She is a activist for many things such as women’s rights, education, and global warming.


Why Bernie Sanders is the Right Presidential Candidate for Millennials and Minorities




Arrian Madden

College Prep Writing

Current Event Analysis Paper

Bernie Sanders has a lot of people on his side, including independents, Democrats, women, LGBTs, millennials, and minorities. Bernie Sanders has been fighting for future generations and minorities since the 1960s. According to Bernie Sanders, “When we stand together, we will always win. When men and women stand together for justice, we win. When black, white and Hispanic people stand together for justice, we win. When straight and gay people stand together for justice, we win. When working families stand together, we win.” In the race for presidential office in 2016 three people are winning the race. For the Republican Party, it is Donald Trump. For the Democratic Party it is Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. I believe Bernie Sanders is the right presidential candidate for millennials and minorities.

Before we get started you need to know some things about Bernie Sanders. Most people do not even know who he is. The truth is, Bernie Sanders has been in the political view for a long time, he just has not been in the spotlight until now. According to Britannica School, Bernard Sanders was born September, 8 1941 and he is 74 years old. He was born to Jewish parents of Polish descent and was born and raised in Brooklyn. Bernie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in 1964 in Political Science from the University of Chicago. After he graduated, he began to become more engaged in activist movements such as the Civil Rights Movement and the 1963 March on Washington where he was in the crowds to hear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., give his “I Have A Dream”. His participation in the movements led him to go to Israel to live on a kibbutz (a working farm). While in Israel, he was inspired to “take care of the weak,” said Albert Ely, who was on the kibbutz with Sanders. Once Sanders returned to the United States, he started participating in more movements such as back-to-the-land (working as a union carpenter and freelance journalist) and the anti-Vietnam War movement. He ran as an independent candidate several times for Vermont governor, which he was unsuccessful at. In 1982, he was elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont. When Jesse Jackson was running for president, Sanders was one of only two to endorse him. In 1991, Sanders took office in the U.S. House of Representatives. When President Bush was in office, Bernie voted against the Iraq War. Bernie Sanders was made famous for his ideal tax cuts, for increasing taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations, and for the increased aid for social welfare programs. In 2006, Sanders was elected as a United States Senator where he continued his campaign for tax reforms. In 1988 Sanders married his second wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders and has had a happy and stable marriage.They have four children (one biological son) and seven grandchildren. Sanders’ past has made him into a better candidate for the presidential office. He will put all his education, life experience, beliefs, and values into making this country a better country.  

Ever since Bernie Sanders returned to the United States from Israel, he has been focusing on fighting for the rights of disadvantaged people such as disabilities, women, LGBT, and minorities. reveals the many rights he has been fighting for and one of his greatest efforts has been tackling the injustice against race. In the 1960s, he was an activist for the Civil Rights Movement. He also attended the 1963 March on Washington where, as mentioned earlier, he was in the crowds and heard the “I Have A Dream” speech. When Bernie was in college he was a leader of the Congress of Racial Equality. During his leadership he was arrested for protesting against segregation. Sanders believes justice for all races is important. He created a campaign video detailing how crucial it is to include people of all races so we can become as one.

Bernie’s fight in favor of equality for women is fought with the same passion as it is for African American and other minorities. His web page states that women are under attack from many people, are being denied control of their own bodies, medical and social services, and equal pay for equal work. Women’s’ rights are going backwards in history. If elected president, Sanders promises he will fight for pay equality, protect reproductive rights, make childcare available to all, increase the minimum wage and expand health care as well as social security.

Bernie Sanders supports all Americans including LGBT. When Sanders was first elected mayor, he supported the city’s first pride parade. According to, in 1993 when he was in the House of Representatives, he was against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and “Defense of Marriage Act” in 1996. He beat out the landmark decision which helped to recognize same-sex couples. As president, he promises that he will sign the Equality Act, Every Child Deserves a Family Act, and any other bill that bans discrimination against LGBT members. I believe if Bernie Sanders is elected president he will keep his promise and continue to act on his already established achievements.  As you can see, he has already done many successful acts to fight against all discriminations. He will continue his fight to protect the people, especially those most at risk for inequality and social injustice.

The biggest age group of Sanders supporters are millennials (18-34). Although this might seem quite odd to other people, in reality it is not. Millennials are the largest generation in the US; we are the ones who most often get the message out into the world by texts and social media. Sanders is the oldest candidate in the presidential race. According to, voter outcome of 18-24 year olds fell to an all time low of 19.9% in the midterm elections last year, which might make a problem for a presidential candidate.

Bernie Sanders managed to raise 1.5 million dollars in 24 hours alone, which may be the reason for young people being captivated by him. Millennials also may be captivated by him because he is consistent and has been from the start. states that people are surprised by the number of young voters. Millennials feel Hillary Clinton can come off as too controlled and measured. Many people believe young people do not pay attention to politics, yet if you would ask them questions about the race or candidates they can answer with an educated answer.

One of the biggest reasons millennials support Sanders is that he wants to make free education available to all. reports student debt went up to 1.27 trillion dollars in 2015. Most people believe free education will never make it and it is just a dream. When Bernie was going to college, he had free college acknowledges that less wealthy countries provide free or reduced tuition to students. Sanders has vowed to make demands for millennials such as free college, income equality, speculation tax and legalization of marijuana a reality.

Bernie Sanders has two competitors. One Republican and one Democrat. His biggest competitor is Hillary Clinton, a democrat. According to Clinton’s campaign is not about change but about going forward. Clinton’s economic plan is a mixture of improving education, aid for the lower and middle class, child care, financial regulation, raising taxes on the wealthy, and cutting taxes on the middle class. The biggest problem with Hillary Clinton is gaining the trust of the voting public. She was emailing North Korea, the smoking gun which could harm the lives of many Americans. Hillary would not hand over the emails to the FBI saying that it was “Her personal email”. Over the past two weeks she finally released over 1,300 emails to the FBI. Clinton can still run even though she is being prosecuted because she has not been proven guilty, yet.

Many LGBT people support Hillary Clinton, even though she has not always supported the LGBT community. The reported that Hillary Clinton did not support gay marriage until 2013. Most of her LGBT supporters are women due to the fact that she is a women’s rights advocate.

Bernie Sanders’s other competitor is Donald Trump, a Republican. Donald Trump is one of the wealthiest people in America. According to, Trump is worth somewhere between 4.5-10 billion dollars. Donald Trump is looking forward to fixing the economy once he becomes president. Many people believe that Trump can fix the economy and taxes. fact checker says, his plan to change the tax brackets from the current seven to just four brackets, 0%, 10%, 20% and 25%, and will benefit the top tax brackets instead of the middle class. Those making more than $200,000 would pay less than $500 billion combined. He promises to not touch Medicare or Social Security. Donald Trump’s webpage reports Trump’s Tax Plan will be paid for by taking away loopholes that are available to the very rich and a one time return of money from companies overseato name two. Most of his attention is towards immigration reform. He has imagined building a wall between Mexico and the United States, then deporting the 11 million undocumented immigrants back to their home country. reported that the American Action Forum will cost $400 billion to $600 billion and will shrink the work force by 11 million.

I feel that Senator Bernie Sanders is the right candidate for democrats, republicans, women, men, disabled people, people of color, and LGBT members. He has been protecting everyone since he was in college. Yet his competition, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have and will continue to do the opposite. They will harm people in the end, which is far different than what Bernie will do. As you can see, Senator Bernie Sanders has already done amazing things to make this country a better place. If Bernie Sanders gets elected, I promise he will make our home an even better country. I urge all millennials and minorities to protect their rights and privileges. They need to go and vote to make this country a better place. It only takes one voice to start a revolution, and your voice counts.

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