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Long time…No talk

Im am sorry i haven’t posted in a long time. I have been very busy.

First, I did it. I graduated from high school with a G.P.A. of 3.2 which I never thought was capable. with how much school i missed from medical absences. I aced all my last senior classes. which most cannot say they did. I am proud to say i got a 3.2 because against all odds i did it. i defeated everyone that said i couldn’t. i succeed for everyone that stood by my side and said i could. even though a 3.2 may not be as good as a 3.5 or above it is still an honor. I worked harder than anyone else did to get that GPA with all odds against me.

Secondly, we celebrated. We had a graduation party. I invited people I went to school with, teachers, staff, friends from camp, family friends, and family. To be honest the people that came were the people who were most supportive of me. Whether it be harsher or softer than others, they still told me I was stronger than everyone believed and that i could  do it. I had teachers there who saw me at my worst and at my best. all of them were so proud of me. I had friends there who supported me through it all even through our fights. lastly my family, who never told me i could not do something. Everyone that came was so proud and supportive of me. I just wanted to say thank you.

Third, I celebrated with my parents. this summer i went on a cruise with my parents to the Bahamas. It was my graduation present. it was a long waited vacation away from home and the boys. We boarded the ship at Port Canaveral in Florida. the ship was much bigger than we thought, It was like a floating mall. I was so sore and my ankles were so swollen by the end of the first day, that we had to get a wheelchair. I only used it when we got off the ship. The first day we went to Freeport Bahamas. We didn’t have anything planned, so we decided to rent a car and go driving. we were supposed to go to nature center, but the guy who rented us the car gave us wrong directions, so we got lost. We were able to see the poor side of Freeport, where their houses were falling apart, and some were even living in boxes. We ended up finding the nature center, but it was $10 or $20. instead of doing that we went to an offshore beach. nobody was there besides us. it was so nice. The stop was Nassau. There we did a seaward explorer which is like a semi-submarine. We were able to see fish below the surface. We also walked around on the island. we went to Pirates Pub and Grill there I had my first alcoholic drink. Don’t worry it was legal. The next day was a day at sea. we just hung out  and and went to a few shows on the ship. To say the least it was a nice vacation with my parents.

Fourth, I was able to be camp M.A.S.H. (Make Arthritis Stop Hurting) volunteer photographer. In my past years as a camper I took pictures not just for me, but for my friends. The year I graduated from camp I took nearly 2,000 pictures. I very suddenly became the camp photographer. everyone would tell me I had to come back as a volunteer, but not as a counselor, but as the photographer. So this year I did. I ended up taking about the same amount of photos that i have in the past. Everyday the intern and I would upload some of the photos to the blog so parents saw what the kids were doing everyday. Everyday I would get comments about how awesome the pictures were. My goal was to capture everybody’s happiness and capabilities. I believe I accomplished that. I am also so happy that grew closer to the people I had already grown to love from the past. I also grown to love new people and hope to build our friendship as years go on.  I am so happy that was able to do exactly what they were looking for. I can’t wait till next year.

Lastly, I moved. Yes I moved 5 hours away to my dream college. After taking up our suburban and an enclosed trailer we started to head to madison a 5 hour long trip with 2 boys. It was nuts.  Edgewood College is in madison Wisconsin. It is private liberal art school. It also had my major Child Life. I am doing really good here with having a 3.3 GPA for my midterms. The class sizes here are really small the biggest class is of 30 people for psychology, but the professors are able to really get to know their students. My professors know me and  know what I need. Next week I’ll be registering for my second semester courses. I will be taking photography history (on the way to a photography minor), statistics, ENG. 110, a religion class, and choir. I also am very excited to announce that I am on the committee for Camp MASH. I will also be taking pictures for Madison, WI Jingle Bell Run for arthritis. I will be taking picture of families with Santa this day(which happens to be my birthday.) I would appreciate it if anybody can donate of join us on the run to cure Arthritis.

Thank you so much sorry i haven’t posted in a while. I have posted a few papers on here to so you can see what i have been doing. Feel free to remind me to update more.


To the people who stared

Last week I was out to eat with my family at noodles and co. while we were there my mom started getting angry and I didn’t know why. All of a sudden she started talking to my dad and brother about a high school couple who was staring at us. At that time I just though whatever let it go its happened before. Then it got worse, they started to pointing and laughing at me. I just stayed quite they don’t know my story. The thing that got me angry was that I wasn’t the one to see it, it was my family who did. I didn’t want my mom to my a big deal out of it even though I know she should’ve. she said “I should just go up to them and take a picture, then post it on facebook and tell everyone about.” I didnt want that to happen, but when we got home I was so hurt and angry that, this situation had effected my family and has before.

Let me tell you something that night they didn’t hurt me, but they hurt my family. If you want to laugh and talk about me don’t do it in public and have it affect my family. I understand they were in high school and they don’t know my story, but they know right from wrong. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. I’ve had a whole family (with little kids) stare and laugh at me. Just educate yourself or come up to me and ask me questions. just don’t laugh and stare.

Here are a couple different articles similar to my writing.


Excited, yet nervous 

So glad to be graduating this year! It has taken a lot to get to this moment, but I wouldn’t take anything back because it shaped me into the person I am today! Senior year is for the tears, facing the fears, loudin the cheers, you learn how close you are to some, and how far away you are to others. You’ll have you lasts and get ready for the firsts. Then look back on it and remember it forever. Got this in the mail a couple of days ago! Less than 120 days till graduation and less than 200 days till move in day! I’m super excited yet nervous! Proud to be an eagle!


My Best Friend

“you are my friend, my spirit, my influence towards success. There is no replacement of you. You are the best and will be best forever. I love you my dearest mom.”-Unknown

mom baby



I have a lot of influential people in my life, such as teachers, doctors, nurses, friends, and family. There is one that I admire most out of all of them, my mom. There are many reasons to admire my mom. I find that I admire my mom the most because she raised three children by herself for ten years, she will do anything for her children, and she is pursuing her dream.

I admire my mom because she raised my brothers and I for eight years by herself. My mom was only eighteen when she had me, at nineteen she had my brother, then at twenty-five she had my other brother. My mom not only had to raised us by herself, but she had to deal with me being handicap. When I was six months old I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I was on a lot of medications and chemotherapy. On top of that I was hospitalized a lot. My mom was not able to keep a stable job because of my disease so we also had financial struggles. When I was ten my mom met my step-dad and had my youngest brother, since they have been together our struggles have become a lot easier. Until I had sepsis which had caused my lungs and organs shut down. I ended up losing my toes and fingertips, during this time my parents had to send my youngest brother to his grandma’s which is two hours away. This was such a big struggle for my mother because, she not only was losing her oldest child, but she also had to send her youngest a ways who was only six months old. For any mother it would have been hard, but my mom did not quit she kept going. Now here we are as strong as ever.

My mom is the most influential person in my life because she will do anything for her children. My mom will will fight for us. When I was five I was put on a chemotherapy that made me very sick and she took me off of it even when the doctors didn’t. She helped them realize that she not only was right, but it was making me very sick. She didn’t want anyone who would hurt us in our life, so she blocked them from her life to protect us.

My mom is admirable because after all her challenges she is now perusing her dream. When I was five my mom graduated with a degree in medical assistance. She didn’t work as a medical assistant because my needs were too much on top of taking care of wor king. She wanted to put all her attention towards us. My sophomore year of high school she went back, this spring she will graduate from college for psychology. She decided that she could put all her challenges towards pursuing her dreams and helping people. She is hoping to go to doctorate college to become a doctor in psychology. My mom has also been writing a book about her life and wants to publish it when all of us are older so it doesn’t have a backlash towards us. Everyone who has read it said that it will be a best seller. I am so proud of my mom. Of what all she has accomplished in her life.

I admire my mom the most in my because she raised three children by her self for ten years, she will do anything for her children, and she is pursuing her dream. My mom has accomplished many things in her short life and will only accomplish more as she pursues her life. Everyone in my family is very proud of her. I would not want anyone else for a mom.

Face Your Future Without Fear! Thank You To Everyone!

“Just because the past didn’t turn out like you wanted it to doesn’t mean you future can’t be better than you imagined.”-Unknown

Today is the start of the future. My future begins now, tomorrow, and the days after. It is scary because this years is when everything changes. Even though I turned 18 last year and was given new and bigger responsibilities than I had before. I was given the responsibilities of making appointments, dealing with doctors, and dealing with social security. Let me tell you my mom made it look easy. Even though I had watched her since day one dealing with these struggle had no idea how to deal with it she made it look so easy.

Now this is the year that changes everything. This is the year that I have my last school dance, my last choir concert, and my last day of high school. It is also a year of first though. It is when I move out and move to Edgewood and deal with real life. It is when I really start to deal with doctors and chemotherapies on my own.

When I look at my future it scares me because I don’t know how to do things on my own, but I know I will be fine. My parents are already planning on coming to my campus every other weekend to visit me and make sure I am alright. It is going to be hard because I will be leaving behind my family among with my friends and teachers who I have grown to love.

I have had many friends from school who have stopped talking to me through the years, but then I still have those friends who are still there and have been there since day one. when we say goodbye there will be laughs, but also some tears. I am so happy to have those friends who have moved away, but still talk to me as though they see me everyday.

Then there are the bullies who have made me cry. Whether it was from cyberbulling, calling me names, laughing at me or just ignoring me. Then never apologizing. One day you will see what you did to me, you just made me a stronger person I am so thankful that you did that to me, because now I am on top. So thank you to all the bullies. And make sure no one gets bullied ever again.

Then there are the teachers and school nurses who have been so loyal to me. Often times I would not be able to play or learn the way do other students do, so I would stay and sit with the teachers or nurses who I would eventually become close to. They have been friends that I often needed. They were there when I needed someone mature to talk and laughed or cried with at school. I have had many teachers who have treated me the same as other students and that is what makes the difference. I have a middle school teacher that i still talk with even though I am about to graduate. I am so thankful for her because she has helped me get through so many rough times during middle school. During my last IEP meeting there were teachers and nurses who have been there from the start. They could not believe how far I have overcame throughout the years. During the meeting we all started crying because we finally realized this is the last meeting EVER.

Then there are the other teachers who have made me cry. Whether it was from failing me even though I wasn’t even there, yelling at me in front of the class for something I cannot control, or just treating me differently. One day you will see what you did to me, you just made me a stronger person and to be the person I am today. I am so thankful that you did that to me, because all that it did was make me fight for what I believe in, an now look at me, look where I am. I am in the top half of my class with a 3.2 GPA and about ready to graduate, and go to one of the best colleges there is, so thank you.

Lastly thank you to my mom who has been there for me since the beginning of time. I dont know what I would do without her. She has done so many things for me. Even though at time I probably don’t deserve it. She is my best friend. I hope our relationship last like this till the end of time. THANK YOU MOM. I LOVE YOU.

You Get To Decide The Legacy That You Leave

“Senior year is for the tears, facing the fears, loading the cheers. You find out how close you are to some, and how far away you are from others. You’ll have your lasts and get ready for the firsts. Then look back on it and remember it forever.”-Unknown


“Family: Like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”-Unknown

Today marks the half way point of senior year. Yes, there is only 83 days left of the school year. That means only 83 days till I graduate. It is a bit nerve racking to know the day keeps getting closer and closer. Yet, I am so excited for the day I move to Madison. I know it won’t be easy being 4 hours away from home. I know I am going to get homesick and will miss my mom, dad, and even my brothers, but it will be a nice change.

Knowing I will be 4 hours makes me anxious. Knowing I will have to take full responsibility of myself makes me even more anxious. The move will not be as easier as someone else. I am going to have to change my doctors and hospitals that has been almost a second home. I have to figure out on my own of how I will get my monthly chemo at school. I will either have to go to the hospital during a weekday and miss class (which I’d rather not) or go during the weekend.

Being 4 hours away will be hard. I will miss my family so much. They are the ones who keep me wanting to go on. A lot of the time I get nervous about leaving my mom. Knowing my mom will be in a house of 4 boys (including dad) is always racking in my head. I hope she won’t go insane. Its going to be really hard for me to be away from her. She is my best friend I dont know what i will do without her. I believe dad will be right by her side helping her deal with the boys.

I think being 4 hours will be nice for me. It will give me the independence that I need. Most time when I tell people that I will be 4 hours aways they say “wow thats far away! will you be okay?.” I will reply back with “Yeah but, its not right down the road or an hour away! They can’t just pop up out of the blue.” In reality it scares me knowing they won’t be close where can’t come and see them. I miss them so much. Though its far I know Edgewood is the right place for me.