Community Engagement

I am very engaged in my community at home. I was and currently am involved in choir, arthritis foundation, Gillette and University of Minnesota hospital and make-a-wish. Being sick most of my life I have experienced many things in my short life so far.  Moving five hours away and being a freshman I had no Idea of what to except, honestly I was a little fearful of completing this assignment. I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual. I have meditated and done yoga, but I never thought about how I felt. I decided to choose my community engagement on finding my own space. I decided to start meditating and doing yoga on a regular basis.

It was hard choosing what to pick for my community engagement, because I was fearful of going out by myself. It is hard for me to get around just because it hurts. I decided I wanted to stay on campus and find myself. Having been sick, I have found or learned many ways of coping with my illness. It is very hard to get any exercise because of my pain. For my community engagement I wanted to find a safer way of getting exercise while being peaceful.

The first night I started my routine of night yoga then meditating, I felt peaceful with myself. Then I continued, after the first couple of nights I was getting a full night rest. Having stretched my body out, I was able to relax throughout the night and not be tensed. Meditating helped me see what I needed to do and not be stressed or anxious, I was able to stay present. With having so much going on right now with school, moving, health, and family situations, its been nice just being able to stop, take a break, take a deep breath, and think “what do I need this moment.” Doing this regularly has helped me a lot to help me be relaxed, be in the moment and focus on myself.



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