Letters to my nurses 

Dear Nurses,
Many of you have got to know me and my family very well. Whether it be from sitting with me several days or once a month for several years. I just wanted to thank you. Many of you have become more than a nurse you have become a friend.

Getting treatment like I have for several years and just growing with you. You will never know how much you mean to me.
Getting treatment at home has been a lifesaver for not just me but for my family as well. Before i started treatment through home care services. We would have to get up early to drive to the hospital then i would sit in an uncomfortable hospital bed for 6+ hours with my mom and sometimes brother and dad in a chair next to me. Then we would drive another hour to get back home. A whole day gone, another day at school gone, and another day at work gone. That is until we started going through home care services. You brought something that was so uncomfortable and time consuming to our home. Every month we looked forward to your company and learning about what you had done during the past month. You let us vent about our problems and let us into your life as well. We learned many things about you and your families. Thank you for being there for us and letting us into your life.

While some you were sitting at home with my family and I, the others were at school helping me get through my day. Most of the time when I was in pain, not feeling good, or just didn’t have class your office was my escape. You would let me be pain or drama free for a while. Over the years you would become close to me. You would edit my homework for the third time. I have got to know you where if I would make a joke you knew I wasn’t serious about it. When I needed to vent whether it be about class, family, friends, or the future you would always be an there ready to listen. Not many people get to be close with the faculty at school but I was more than I was with the students. You were one of those people. Thank you for always allowing me into your office with open arms. Thank you for all you have done.


Arrian Madden


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