Inspirational Teacher 🙏🏻


Inspirational Teacher

When I read this earlier I had a lot of teachers popped into my head when I read it like Mr. TK,(even though not a lot of people like him.) Mr. JS, and Mrs. AP(who moved last year.) then I had one major teacher struck me.

Mrs. JM even though she was first my teacher in 6th and 7th grade I still think about her everyday. I memorized her birthday because it is 3 days before mine. Each year at the beginning and end of the school year I think about her, because she had her knee replaced the summer before I had my hip replacement. She will always be one of the teachers who have inspired me as well as the others. Just to let you know I still talk to them even Mrs. JM who retired last summer.

Today I sent this same link to her here is what she said “OMG, I read the article and did not at that time know this was sent to me. Talk about crying. I am doing that right now. Thank you so much, as that is why I went into teaching and you have made my 40 years of teaching even more worthwhile today.
I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot express my feeling right now.
Love to you, and it makes me so happy that I touched you in that positive way. Holy Mackerel, I have to stop crying.
You also inspired me, trust me. You have been mature beyond your years as long as I have known you. Like I said before, you will be so good for the kids you will work with in the future. You have the empathy and experience that will touch so many lives.

Mrs. JM” forever in my heart!!!




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