My Best Friend

“you are my friend, my spirit, my influence towards success. There is no replacement of you. You are the best and will be best forever. I love you my dearest mom.”-Unknown

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I have a lot of influential people in my life, such as teachers, doctors, nurses, friends, and family. There is one that I admire most out of all of them, my mom. There are many reasons to admire my mom. I find that I admire my mom the most because she raised three children by herself for ten years, she will do anything for her children, and she is pursuing her dream.

I admire my mom because she raised my brothers and I for eight years by herself. My mom was only eighteen when she had me, at nineteen she had my brother, then at twenty-five she had my other brother. My mom not only had to raised us by herself, but she had to deal with me being handicap. When I was six months old I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I was on a lot of medications and chemotherapy. On top of that I was hospitalized a lot. My mom was not able to keep a stable job because of my disease so we also had financial struggles. When I was ten my mom met my step-dad and had my youngest brother, since they have been together our struggles have become a lot easier. Until I had sepsis which had caused my lungs and organs shut down. I ended up losing my toes and fingertips, during this time my parents had to send my youngest brother to his grandma’s which is two hours away. This was such a big struggle for my mother because, she not only was losing her oldest child, but she also had to send her youngest a ways who was only six months old. For any mother it would have been hard, but my mom did not quit she kept going. Now here we are as strong as ever.

My mom is the most influential person in my life because she will do anything for her children. My mom will will fight for us. When I was five I was put on a chemotherapy that made me very sick and she took me off of it even when the doctors didn’t. She helped them realize that she not only was right, but it was making me very sick. She didn’t want anyone who would hurt us in our life, so she blocked them from her life to protect us.

My mom is admirable because after all her challenges she is now perusing her dream. When I was five my mom graduated with a degree in medical assistance. She didn’t work as a medical assistant because my needs were too much on top of taking care of wor king. She wanted to put all her attention towards us. My sophomore year of high school she went back, this spring she will graduate from college for psychology. She decided that she could put all her challenges towards pursuing her dreams and helping people. She is hoping to go to doctorate college to become a doctor in psychology. My mom has also been writing a book about her life and wants to publish it when all of us are older so it doesn’t have a backlash towards us. Everyone who has read it said that it will be a best seller. I am so proud of my mom. Of what all she has accomplished in her life.

I admire my mom the most in my because she raised three children by her self for ten years, she will do anything for her children, and she is pursuing her dream. My mom has accomplished many things in her short life and will only accomplish more as she pursues her life. Everyone in my family is very proud of her. I would not want anyone else for a mom.


2 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. What can I say, other than u all kept me going n keep me going.. I do know this.. It’s not what I say that will ultimately make a difference in ur life and ur brothers lives.. It’s what I do.. So I can tell u I love u all day long, or I can just show u.. Thank you for such a beautiful post..🙏

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