You Get To Decide The Legacy That You Leave

“Senior year is for the tears, facing the fears, loading the cheers. You find out how close you are to some, and how far away you are from others. You’ll have your lasts and get ready for the firsts. Then look back on it and remember it forever.”-Unknown


“Family: Like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”-Unknown

Today marks the half way point of senior year. Yes, there is only 83 days left of the school year. That means only 83 days till I graduate. It is a bit nerve racking to know the day keeps getting closer and closer. Yet, I am so excited for the day I move to Madison. I know it won’t be easy being 4 hours away from home. I know I am going to get homesick and will miss my mom, dad, and even my brothers, but it will be a nice change.

Knowing I will be 4 hours makes me anxious. Knowing I will have to take full responsibility of myself makes me even more anxious. The move will not be as easier as someone else. I am going to have to change my doctors and hospitals that has been almost a second home. I have to figure out on my own of how I will get my monthly chemo at school. I will either have to go to the hospital during a weekday and miss class (which I’d rather not) or go during the weekend.

Being 4 hours away will be hard. I will miss my family so much. They are the ones who keep me wanting to go on. A lot of the time I get nervous about leaving my mom. Knowing my mom will be in a house of 4 boys (including dad) is always racking in my head. I hope she won’t go insane. Its going to be really hard for me to be away from her. She is my best friend I dont know what i will do without her. I believe dad will be right by her side helping her deal with the boys.

I think being 4 hours will be nice for me. It will give me the independence that I need. Most time when I tell people that I will be 4 hours aways they say “wow thats far away! will you be okay?.” I will reply back with “Yeah but, its not right down the road or an hour away! They can’t just pop up out of the blue.” In reality it scares me knowing they won’t be close where can’t come and see them. I miss them so much. Though its far I know Edgewood is the right place for me.


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