Needing More Love and Support

Pretending to be happy when you’re in pain is just an example of how strong you are as a

Many people have stress whether it be from their job, school, health, or kids. I know when it comes to me I am most stressed when it comes to my pain/health and school. I try to be at school as much as I can but when I am in pain it is hard to focus. Most of the time when I’m at school and in pain I push the pain to the back of my mind. I know I have to be at school as much as i can but it is hard when your pain level is always at a five or above.

When it comes to my pain I try to focus on something else. Whether it be someone talking, doing school work, or reading. I also like to do breathing meditation in class if I’m in pain. Most people can’t tell I am in pain or meditating. Most times I just take really deep breaths. I also like to tune people out so I will plug in my jams and start reading if I have no work.

When struggling with stress my anxiety also comes with it. I get anxiety attacks when i am in large groups of people. I try to bypass large groups of people. I will leave class early so I can skirt passed the crowd. I can’t go to amusement parks, malls, or anywhere with large groups because I know I will start to panic.

I also used to struggle with depression. Depression is also a side effect of many disabilities including arthritis. Yes I was or am one of those people who struggle with Depression. When I was in middle school depression hit me the most. I would miss school on purpose or skip lunch because I felt no one was there for me. I would sleep all day when I was home. I didn’t want to be around my friends or family. My depression still comes and goes but it is under control. I am much happier than how I used to be.

Too release some of my stress or pain when i get home. I will take a bath, use a heating pad, or ice. I listen to music and read books most often. People would call a bookworm if they knew the amount of reading I do. In reality I takes me into my own fantasy land. where I can be anywhere and anyone I want.


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