Ghosting The Disabled


“Please understand I have a disability, not a disease. You can’t catch it. I may walk, talk, and move differently than you, but on the inside I’m not so different.” -Unknown

At school I am left out a lot because I can’t do stuff the other kids are doing which is pretty normal for childern with a disability. But the sad thing is that when I am in a crowd of people with the same disability just not in the same way, shape, or form. I am left out. I am standing in the back with other kids who are like me. We can’t  run or jump like the others kids can, but we have as much joy as the other kids do.

Most of the time when I go to events for arthritis most of the focus is on the healthier ones. Why not put the attention on the more sickly? I know plenty of people who are in a wheelchair, have hip problems, have chemo, and are sick weekly. Instead of giving more attention to the ones that can play a sport, do back flips or handstands, and only take one pill a day put the attention to the more disabled. Im not saying that people who are able to do things shouldn’t get attention. I’m just saying give EQUAL attention to the disabled too.

Just like in the public, people with disabilities are invisible. People will look in the different directions when they see a disabled person coming in their direction. Just like when they are with their peers they are invisible. Why is it when people with disablities are invisible when they are with their peers? Because their peers are afraid of truth that this person maybe different or sicker. Or they may not be as educated on the  disease. If this is the case we have to educate them. Yet everyone needs to be looked at as the same. Most of the time when I go to events for disabilities the less sick are up on stage or in front of the crowd. Instead of the sicker. why can’t the sicker one be up on stage or in front of crowd to show their peers and the audience what this disease may do to someone. That being in a wheelchair, getting chemo, having a hip replacement at a young age, and being in the hostipal is a possibility of this disease.

I think for once someone should put the more sickly people up on stage and have people cheering them on and sayiing its going okay. That they should put ramps up to the stage instead of stairs that way anyone can get up there and say “Hey maybe I am strong enough to be here.” Everyone wants to be recognized no matter their height, weight, beauty, intelligence, race, and ability. Never leave someone out.


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